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Throughout our service engagement, we realize the key imperatives for successful executive search as: trust and transparency.
There are occasions where we might have got a resume; but after a career dialogue with the candidate, we realize that the new job offer may not match the long-term aspirations and it may not be a truly engaging relationship for the client organization. In such cases, though it is a short-term delay or loss, we stuck to the truth and recommended them not to progress. It is this trustworthy service that helps us win the confidence of our clients and candidates.

In addition, we handle the post-selection process of offer negotiation and employment terms with utmost transparency so that there are no hidden conditions in small print. We once again believe that beginning a relationship with transparency will help both our clients and candidates for a long haul.

360-Degree Feedback

It is a tool that is popularly used for leadership development or performance appraisal. As we all know, in a 360-degree feedback process, we elicit feedback on a set of dimensions (customizable based on the role) from multiple stakeholders who happened to have close working association with the candidate under consideration. They offer their valuable experience on how it is to work with this candidate.

We see an opportunity to creatively use this tool in the executive selection process.With such feedback, we get a preview of the individual and assess how she/he will fit into the expected role and in client organization. Since this feedback is based on their working relationship, it helps us to understand the candidate’s leadership and the impact she/he likely create on multiple stakeholders.

Once the client organization wants us to carry out a 360-degree feedback survey (we recommend prior to the personal interview), our process involves specific steps such as:

  • Do take the consent of the candidate and take the names of different stakeholders (we will also add a few more from our research)
  • Customize the list of aspects to be covered in the survey
  • Set up and configure our online system
  • Run the survey anonymously
  • Analyze the data and prepare the report
  • Recommend a set of specific questions to probe during the personal interview

Can candidate directly seek a 360-degree feedback at a personal level?

We will be happy to design and run a 360-degree feedback survey to executives to help them understand how their stakeholders perceive their managerial or leadership approaches. It will help immensely to reflect and refine one’s own overall approach to stakeholders.

It can be done independent of your interest or application for any job opening. Call us or write to us for more details on the process and pricing.

If you have taken a 360-degree feedback report in the last 6-months and if you are Ok to share with the client organization, we will inform the client about the same. It can help speed up the selection process from your end. Of course, we will not share the 360-degree feedback report with the client unless you give us your WRITTEN CONSENT.

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